Troubleshoot and Repair

It takes many years of experience to know how to quickly track down the source of an electrical problem and figure out the most efficient way to safely and reliably repair it with the least cost to you. An incorrect repair will usually make things worse over time. When we come to your house, we make sure everything is completely and correctly repaired so that you will not have worse problems in the future. We want your house to be safe!

Sometimes older homes have wiring and breaker boxes that become unsafe as they age. We know which brands of breaker boxes and types of wiring have problems over time. Over the years we have developed efficient upgrades for these situations that make your home safe at a reasonable cost. If your house was built before 1980, we can inspect these critical areas of the electrical system and make safety recommendations.

Upgrades and Improvements

We can neatly and efficiently take care of any and all your electrical needs.

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