Lighting Design and Installation

Are you thinking about improving the lighting in your home?

Confused about what type of lighting you should upgrade to?

You can benefit from our 42 years of experience in Lighting Design & Installation.  
Our lighting work has been featured on HGTV.

The lighting in most of the houses we see could be greatly improved.

For example, the kitchen, bathrooms and office are areas where bright yet dimmable task lighting makes everything easier to see and relieves eyestrain. While living room, dining room and bedrooms are where mood lighting is also important. Sometimes a few well-placed lights on your artwork and décor can create a dramatic improvement on the ambience of a room and bring things to life.

Poor lighting contributes to diminished eyesight over time. Over time people need more light, but often just end up adapting to poor lighting in their house, causing chronic eyestrain, without realizing how much better the lighting could easily be. We can figure out the most efficient was to get your lighting the way you like it.

We have decades of experience with recessed, track, kitchen, landscape and security lighting.

Durable Landscape Lighting

Correctly designed and installed landscape lighting will turn a dark, uninviting yard or garden into a beautiful setting that you can enjoy in the evening.

Efficient driveway, pathway and security lighting in the right places will help make your home safe, secure and easy for you and guests to navigate at night.

Over the past 42 years, we have learned what works well and what does not and how to get you most for your lighting investment.

Correct installation technique leads to longevity and low maintenance of your landscape lighting. Over the years I have figured out the secrets. In all my years installing landscape lighting I have never seen another company use the careful technique we use to make the lighting system trouble-free and long lasting.

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